We work with hundreds of practices in 40 states from Alaska to Texas & New York to California.

We can collect directly from your patients and answer their questions.

Our unique business model allows our entire team to do gratifying work from home.


Medical Billing Services for Family Physicians, Private Practices,
OB-GYNs, Surgeons, Pediatricians, and Midwives

Founded in 2001, our company works with hundreds of physicians and private practices in various specialties in almost every state across the country. With a fantastic team of medical billing professionals, we can meet the needs of private practices of all sizes and specialties. We can work in any software program, or we provide a great practice management system as part of our services if you don't already have one. Whether you’re a physician or surgeon in need of help with medical billing services, a midwife or OB-GYN in need of claim follow-up, or a pediatrician who needs patient collections, you’ve come to the right place! READ MORE

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What sets us apart from many other similar services is our separation of medical billing and follow-up. Unlike other companies who use the same employee for both, we have separated the processes and have seen a massive difference in the results we are able to achieve for our physicians from New York to Texas. Proper medical billing is only half the battle, and follow-up is vital for our pediatricians, OB-GYNs, surgeons, and midwives as well as private and family physicians to receive timely payment. No software can replace the aggressive follow-up our team provides, and this has propelled our company’s growth and allowed us to extend our services from family physicians and private practices to surgeons, pediatricians, midwives, and OB-GYNs.

We offer many medical billing packages and services for physicians, OB-GYNs, and surgeons, but our most popular offering is our full-service package. This includes managing how your private or family practice is set up with insurance companies, submitting medical claims, handling authorizations, performing claim follow-up, and implementing aggressive appeals for denied claims. Whether you are a Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgeon or a pediatrician with a small practice in Alaska, our medical billing services will be a perfect fit. We have worked with family physicians, OB-GYNs, and midwives using a wide variety of software programs so you can continue working with the program you’re familiar with, or take advantage of the program we use for private practice management (CollaborateMD). Physicians and family practices that switched to us have saved up to $1,400/month. 

Larsen has been a fantastic partner in helping us set up good workflow processes and documentation and in improving our aging and cash collections. The entire team is friendly, knowledgeable and very responsive. Their medical billing services have helped us look at creative solutions and outsourcing options to scale our business growth.