Amy Moorman

Demographics and Credentialing Manager

Amy graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in political science. Finding herself in need of tuition to continue her education, Amy took a position working for a major health insurance company. First, she manned the phone lines, then she audited claims in dispute, and then she quickly moved into the network relations and contracting area of the business. Upon the birth of her first child, Amy decided that her kids deserved a stay at home mom. So, she spent the next several years building train tracks, reading Goodnight Moon a million times, building LEGO structures, playing house and loving every minute watching her kids grow and learn. Once her children were of school age, Amy began looking for a career opportunity that would be professionally satisfying but would also allow her to be home with her children and be able to attend all school functions as well as her children’s extracurricular activities. She was thrilled to find just the opportunity she was looking for with Larsen Billing Service.

Amy joined Larsen Billing Service in 2012 working in the verification of benefits department, but was quickly recruited to help with a newly formed department: Demographics. She worked first as an independent contractor, then as an assistant manager of the department, and now she is the manager of a department that has grown to encompass demographics, credentialing and contracting. Amy is a good fit for the department because of her strong attention to detail and persistence in navigating the complicated processes that the insurance companies impose.

Amy lives in Ohio with her amazing husband and three children who continue to get older despite her best efforts to slow down time. Her family is complete with two dogs and a bearded dragon. Her hobbies include reading, knitting, photography, scrapbooking, movie editing and chauffeuring her kids here and there. She loves cooking and baking and has fostered an adventurous streak in her children when it comes to food. She and her children are constantly looking for new recipes, techniques and cuisines to master! Common topics of conversation flying though the Moorman house are sure to include science (fiction and otherwise), robotics, which is the best ‘80s song, what to have for dinner and anything and everything to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.