Julie Packer

Claims Department Manager

Julie has been with Larsen Billing Service since 2008. She came on board as an ager, quickly became a biller and was moved onto our management team within a year. Julie was seeking any part-time job she could do at home, but quickly found a passion for this business and made it a career. Prior to working for Larsen Billing Service, she worked for the Department of Energy, followed by an estate-planning law firm, and she also threw in some sales here and there.

In her personal life, she is the parent to six children who are all adults, save one tail-ender who is a junior in high school. If you ask this youngest child about his mom, he will tell you that he benefits greatly from being the youngest - something about his mom being tired. Julie will tell you that she learned not to sweat the small stuff (even if that just sounds like an excuse). She also has two grandchildren and now understands what all the fuss is about. Being a grandma is one of her favorite things.

Her family values traveling and experiencing new cultures, and they have taken their kids on vacations to other countries from South America to Asia.

She and her husband moved from the Bay Area to Enumclaw, Washington in 2002, yearning for more space and some hard work for their kids. They found both when they bought a 50-acre ranch equipped with some farm equipment, a herd of cows, and a Rottweiler. She quickly learned more than she bargained for as she bottle-fed orphaned calves, assisted in a C-section birth (cow), learned to drive a tractor and was bucked off more than one horse. She found the transition from city life to country life exciting and often very different from what she had expected. And the kids? They learned what actual work is. In the last few years, she’s added the title “beekeeper” to her resume.

As our Claims Department Manager, Julie oversees our team of over 35 claims and billing specialists. She loves managing this team of stay-at-home moms who have learned to juggle career and family – which isn’t easy! Julie loves to learn and teach, and she values the relationships she has with the Larsen Billing Team and our clients.