Scott Romney

Finance Director

Scott joined the LBS team in 2013. Prior to LBS, Scott provided IT support in the legal and financial services community (so yes, he’s a computer geek). He obtained Bachelor’s degrees in Finance and IT Systems from the University of Utah. Here at LBS, he is able to use both of those degrees as he manages the Finance Department and provides IT support. He has to hold his own with a lot of headstrong women, though, since he is currently the only man on a team of about 60.

Scott is an avid cyclist and has completed the LOTOJA road race 2.75 times (just half of that race is 100 miles, so he still gets credit for partial work). He also loves CrossFit and trail running. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Christine, and their 5 children. He likes to stay busy checking things off his To-Do list, he even adds things after they are done so he can cross them off. After moving to a piece of property that has over an acre of wooded land, he bought a tractor and named her Roxanne. Christine teases him that sometimes he spends more time with Roxanne than he does with her. He loves working the land and tackling new projects.