Tiffany Vought

IT Manager

Tiffany has been with Larsen Billing Service since 2011. She was looking for an opportunity to work from home so she could still be a mom to her 3 young kids. She started her career in verification of benefits. LBS was quick to notice her excellent technical skills, and they added a role for her in their IT department after just one month. After juggling 2 departments for a few months, it became clear that the fast-paced technical world moves on without you if you’re not ready, so she was promoted to the IT assistant manager position full-time. Two years in the department prepared her to take on even more responsibility and she accepted the position as the IT Department Manager in 2014. Tiffany’s attention to detail, commitment to serving customers and ability to problem solve at any level make her an asset to LBS.

Tiffany lives in the southwest corner of Utah in sunny St. George. She loves that it provides year-round outdoor recreation and palm trees. She loves anything nerdy, and fantasizes about taking her T.A.R.D.I.S. to live in Central City one day. In addition, Tiffany is an avid sports fan and you will find her at every one of her kids’ practices and games throughout the year. She contributes to her favorite college football team yearly and is more than willing to make the 3-hour drive to games on weekends in the fall. Go Cougs! Volunteering is a large part of Tiffany’s life. She is the southern Utah zone leader for the Utah/Idaho chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. She plans and carries out group activities for other families who are affected by this terrible disease in her area. As a national advocate and mother of a child with juvenile arthritis, you will also find her actively participating in AF fundraisers, at conferences, and at the summit on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Tiffany’s favorite part of her job is that it’s always changing and evolving.  She loves being presented with a puzzle or challenge and being able to solve it.  She will work tirelessly until she has figured out why something isn’t playing nicely.  She is dedicated to moving forward just as fast as her field is. In preparation for this, she is pursuing her career in Information Technology from BYU-Idaho. She is continually learning from technical conferences attended and other courses taken. She adores her career path and all that she gets to learn on a daily basis.